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The Skeptical Dad

(aka:The Convert)

"I was initially under the impression that my wife and I didn't need the services of a doula. I thought that a team of excellent doctors and nurses would be enough. I'm an engineer with a strong analytical background so a healthy baby and a healthy mother were my priorities. I was also afraid that having a doula might set up a potential conflict with the doctors and nurses. This was the difficult situation under which Carli was introduced.

My first impressions of Carli put my concerns about any conflict with our doctors and nurses at ease: she is well aware of where a doula's responsibilities end and where a doctor's begin. Carli was able to establish a friendly and comfortable rapport with my wife right away but I put up a wall. Despite this, Carli persisted in putting my wife's well being first. That's when I realized that she was really there to help.

We had a world class team of doctors and nurses helping us during my wife's 36 hour labor. They were well aware of my wife's "birth plan" and supported it too. Although we didn't have a nurse with us the whole time, we never felt like a nurse was very far from us. When my wife started going into active labor, I saw just how important and absolutely necessary it was to have Carli there. Doctors and nurses can be supportive, but they simply can't provide the essential emotional encouragement to have a natural birth that my wife needed. Carli immediately established a connection with my wife and was able to reassure her that what my wife was feeling was normal. Carli helped my wife in a way that I simply couldn't because she has experience in helping so many women come to terms with the emotional and psychological aspects of giving birth. When labor becomes overwhelming, she can point to an experience or provide coping mechanisms or suggest an alternative approach. She knew my wife well enough to be able to judge which of the myriad approaches would work best. She answered all our questions before, during and after the labor, and that was valuable, but I feel like the best value from her services was in providing emotional and psychological support that comes from experience and from really caring.

Carli went above and beyond what I expected in providing an outstanding level of care and support - and I expected a lot. I feel lucky and extremely grateful that Carli was there with us. The doctors and nurses did a fantastic job and my wife and my son are happy and healthy both physically and emotionally, but I feel like a big part of my wife's postpartum emotional well-being is a result of Carli's actions." - Behram


PHENOMENAL. If you're looking for THE BEST doula look no further. Carli is the perfect combination of warm/friendly & professional/wealth of information. I hired Carli around 20 weeks pregnant and she answered all my pregnancy questions and eased my pregnancy concerns. I gave birth early May (1st baby!) and with this whole COVID -19 situation I had all sorts of anxieties but Carli was a rock throughout it all. I arrived at the hospital at 7cm dilated (thinking this should be over soon, right?!) and Carli helped me and was by my side every single minute of the next 30 hours! Even though I labored for about 26hrs and pushed for 4hrs (all unmedicated) labor was positive and empowering because of Carli. Carli created a safe and empowering space for my birth. She guided my husband and helped him to figure out how to help/support me- because it isn't intuitive and in the moment during a contraction I couldn't articulate how I needed him to help me, but Carli just knew what I needed and she showed him how to press/massage etc. When we realized I had only progressed 1cm in 10hrs Carli had ALL the tricks and techniques and positions to help get me fully dilated and get baby in the right position. When I thought I couldn't go any further, she told me she knew I could. When I called out for my mom, she made it clear she was there to comfort me. When the midwife had to perform an episiotomy, Carli quickly stepped in and asked for it to be horizontal (to prevent deeper tearing) and because of her knowledge and advocacy I didn't tear- thank goodness. Carli was an essential part of my birth team. She empowered me and my husband and the whole atmosphere of my birth experience was positive and supportive. I cannot sing her praises enough! Carli will 100% be my doula again. I wouldn't give birth without her. So ladies, do yourself a favor and hire Carli, she simply is the best. (Also, super helpful with breastfeeding!)" -Allie


"My experience with Carli was wonderful and life changing. She listened to my fears and concerns about childbirth (my first child) with an open and loving heart. Having her on my birth team reassured me that I was going to get through this experience. I had never met the doctor I delivered with, so having a familiar face from the hospital meant a lot to me. Carli was also very supportive to my husband Robb. She helped guide him about how to best support me. I had a 26 hour labor that started in the middle of the night. Carli was kind about meeting us at the hospital and answering our phone calls and texts. She stuck in there with us and helped me push when the time came. I couldn't imagine giving birth without here there." - Jennifer

"Carli was there with me for the birth of my first son, my second child. Having her support from pregnancy, to hospital, to birth and after care was amazing, because I never felt alone or unsupported. Carli did a super job of maintaining communication and with one on-one-interaction. During labor and delivery, Carli was right by my side, helping to calm me and ease my pain and anxiety.  I was so blessed to have her.  I highly recommend her and all the supportive loving assistance she offers."  -April 


"As first-time parents, my husband and I decided to enlist the help of a doula to help guide us through the birth process and achieve my goal of an all-natural birth. Carli was with us every step of the way. She made herself available in the weeks leading up to labor by checking in and reminding us she was available around the clock, even on a holiday.

She helped us decide when to call the hospital after my water broke.

Once I was in active labor, she guided me through all of the comfort measures to keep me as comfortable as possible. Following the delivery, she was there to help with the first latch and answer any questions. And she visited us the very next day to see how we were doing.
Labor can be long, hard and confusing with so many decisions to make along the way. With Carli by our side, we felt very secure about having all the facts in order to make the best decision for us. She always had our goals and vision in mind but never gave her opinion unless we asked. The compassion and care she gave us during our journey was something I will never forget and will always be grateful for.

Our birth process was so memorable and beautiful, and it ended with the greatest gift of all: the healthy delivery of our son. I highly recommend hiring Carli as a doula. It was one of the best decisions we made in the months prior to the birth of our son."  -Valerie

We cannot imagine the birth of our daughter without Carli. If you’re first-time parents and are looking for someone to guide you through the pre, during, and post birth experience because you have no clue what’s about to happen, you should hire Carli. Carli will keep you calm, informed, and will be your greatest advocate through the entire experience! We cannot recommend her enough! -Liz

"Our family was so blessed to meet Carli! We had a special agreement with her to offer sibling support during our labor and she went above and beyond by arranging a "play date" with our 3 year old, so that they could get to know each other better before the big day. 

We met with Carli a few times before the birth to go over our desires, plans, etc., which was really helpful! During these sessions, we laughed, we dreamed, and we calmed fears. Carli is a very knowledgeable woman and was always willing to offer her advice and personal experience to every question we had.

Our intentions to have a home birth were altered when I received results of high liver enzymes, but Carli kept in good contact with us via calls and texts and really helped me to mentally prepare for a hospital birth. While everyone else (docs and midwife) were keeping my health in check, Carli was there to offer comfort, and keep my heart in check. Tearfully choosing to severely alter our birth plans (by going to the hospital) was SO much easier with Carli's encouragement and heartfelt support. After our quick, short, happy, healthy birth Carli was STILL there for us. She helped us get to the recovery side of the hospital and made sure we were all settled in before she left. Carli came to see us 2 more times after our birth and we certainly hope to see her again! :) 

Our family HIGHLY recommends Carli. She is so thoughtful and attentive to the needs of the whole family!"  -Alecia


A Dad's Perspective


"I didn't realize how important it was going to be to have a Doula with us during Lucas' birth. In the rush of emotions we had during the labor, Carli helped us keep focus. She became a great help between us and the hospital staff. It created such and amazing experience. A Doula should be a requirement!

 There came a point when my wife cried out for an epidural. I knew that was contrary to our birth plan, but I'm not the one in pain so I feel it's not my decision to say no. Carli stepped in and talked her through the weak point and helped her move on. My wife would've regretted doing it.

I got to be the husband I wanted to be beside my wife and never once felt pushed aside." - Eddy

"If you have the opportunity to work with Carli throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, please do it! She has been absolutely amazing in every way from our first meeting through postpartum follow up. This was our first baby, so we had zero idea what to expect and Carli made herself available, offering advice, recommendations, helping to set expectations all throughout the process. We felt so comforted having her with us to guide us through my labor and delivery. She was so encouraging and such an advocate in making sure we had the experience we wanted. I made it pretty clear that I didn’t want pain medication intervention and Carli and my husband both kept me strong in that decision. With a stalled labor, having to pick it back up with Pitocin, and then back labor...I honestly would have given up on that goal less than an hour into active labor, if Carli hadn’t been there. She truly listens to your needs and finds ways to help you achieve the labor experience you want. We are so grateful for Carli!"  - Julie


"My husband and I were so elated to have Carli as a part of our pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum experience with our first child! She was truly amazing, and I honestly can’t see how we would have gotten through it all without her encouragement, knowledge, and support. From the very first time we met with Carli, she made it clear that she was advocating for us and wanted to help us advocate for ourselves and the birth experience we wanted to have. She made us feel comfortable enough to communicate with her in the weeks/months prior to our birth about pregnancy happenings we were having, and she fielded so many questions we had about the induction process (we had to be induced early due to my own health issues) and what that might look like for us in accordance to the things we wanted to maybe take place during labor and delivery. When we were in the hospital for the labor and delivery, Carli was paramount in helping us through everything. Because we had to be induced, the labor came on hard and fast. She was so helpful in finding positions that worked for me, and her encouraging words, presence, and comforting techniques helped me so much. My husband and mother were in the room with us, and Carli helped them to know how they could be supportive and showed them techniques in which they could use to help me through. They were all a great team together! Our birth didn’t go “as planned” and we wound up needing a c-section due to baby’s position, no progress dilating, and heart rate concerns. Carli helped us think through all of the decisions we made, and in the end we felt good about the fact that we did everything we could. Carli was able to accompany me into the OR when my husband wasn’t allowed, and her presence was comforting in a very scary and apprehensive situation for me. She stayed with us post-surgery and helped us to have a great first experience with our gal doing skin-to-skin and breastfeeding as soon as we could. Carli came to visit us and our little nugget in the hospital, and she has even checked in with us after we got home from the hospital. Her care for us was always unwavering and I can’t recommend her enough!! She was amazing, and we were so grateful she was able to be a part of this very special time in our lives."- Amber

Carli was so helpful before, during and after my daughter's birth. She responded to all my questions ahead of time and helped reassure me about any concerns. She went to the hospital with me too early and didn't complain at all. She made my husband feel included in the process and helped him know what to do. Carli helped me feel confident in the decisions I made about my birth plan and supported me when I changed it. After birth, she helped me figure out some of my breastfeeding issues. I am so thankful I had her there and would recommend her services to any expectant mom. -Libby

Phenomenal Doula Carli!

My natural labor plan initially meant I didn't want anyone in the room but my husband. However, after taking a natural birthing class, my husband said he wanted the guidance a doula would provide him.

I agreed we could do it but wondered how can I possibly be comfortable with someone with such little time knowing them?

Carli was very sweet on the phone and when we met in person I couldn't believe how well we clicked. She was perfect. She was so supportive through the rest of the pregnancy. Any question or concern I had she answered and put me at ease immediately. I realized how grateful I was my husband wanted her there. 

My husband and I both know I only had my natural labor because of her arrival and support at the hospital. Her soothing voice, calming guidance, and reading my body's cues without me saying anything, to help me through labor were all amazing.

When we conceived 7 months later Carli was our first message! We knew we had to have her again.

Carli was very supportive throughout the pregnancy, even with it being more difficult. When I was anxious about anything she always had such a positive energy I couldn't help but feel calmer after talking to her on the phone.

Our 2nd came into this world with such speed, under 4mins from arrival, Carli didn't arrive at the hospital for his birth. She still came. She gave me that needed calm after the storm. She filled our hospital room with her positive energy.

She answered my phone messages at 2am about labor contractions, and guided me through my at home experience (I didn't have with our 1st) with labor positions and comfort measures.

Two labors and beautiful baby boys. One amazing doula. I can't recommend Carli enough! Truly having a doula is something everyone should do, but having Carli is the BEST decision you can make for your labor! -Brandi

My husband and I had another Doula planned for our birth but she was attending another labor when my water broke and we were so so happy to have Carli! so happy we plan to use her next time as we was just over the top amazing! we went natural and she supported us all the way through it and when I didn't wanna do stuff she was an amazing motivator and just provided exactly what I needed before I knew what it was this was our first and I couldn't imagine having anyone else! - Katelyn


"I want to thank Carli for being there as my Doula and staying strong and reminding me to stay calm and to breathe easy.  She helped me and my family and reminded me what the end result will be.  She was so supportive, stayed late and even came back to see how I was doing a day later." - Jen

We had a very long (38 hour) labor and hit a few difficulties along the way, and we are so grateful to have had Carli there with us. Her encouragement and advice throughout the birth and delivery definitely made the experience a little easier and made my husband and I more confident in the decisions we had to make on the fly as aspects of our birth plan had to be abandoned. When things didn't go quite the way we planned, having someone there with knowledge, experience, and compassion to support and advocate for us, was invaluable. Hiring Carli as our Doula was a great decision and I'm not sure what we would have done without her. - Jess

Our relationship with Carli was familiar from the very first time meeting her.  She was caring, kind and compassionate in hearing all my worries and concerns. She was so kind and patient with us as first time parents. She takes time to understand how a person is feeling and listens well. She answered our questions without making us feel ignorant about the whole process. She listened to all my concerns and responded quickly to all my texts and questions. She offered helpful links to information I was seeking (which proved to be very useful).  She even took pictures for us at the delivery that we will cherish forever. She went above and beyond for us!


Carli embodies everything I was wanting in a Doula: a person to empower me, be a listening ear, and possess a vast array of knowledge, all the while being a calming presence and immeasurably supportive. Choosing Carli as our Doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for the birth of our firstborn.

From our preparatory meetings to the delivery and after, I couldn’t have asked for a better support and person to be on our team. 

Carli was so thorough and attentive during our meetings. She ensured my preferences were outlined in a birth plan, provided me with research-based articles and information, and took time to clarify my requests so she could be the best support for us in the delivery room. Carli made me feel heard and often reached out to her contacts when she wasn’t sure about a question or request I had. She did everything in her power to get me the information I needed. 

The birth didn’t go exactly as planned, but I am SO HAPPY with how everything turned out, and Carli was a giant part of that. She worked so organically with the rest of the staff and birthing team, and she was exactly what I needed that day and in the delivery room. She was so helpful with reminding us of our plan and making suggestions throughout the labor. It was a wonderful birthing experience. 

Both pre- and post-delivery, there has not been a text that’s gone unanswered or a worry she hasn’t addressed. She has ALWAYS gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me. 

Carli has a huge heart, is so easy to talk to, and is SO GOOD at what she does. If we ever have a second child, we want Carli to be our Doula again! I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a Doula. -Sarah 

My husband and I couldn't be more thankful that we had Carli with us for the birth of our second baby! We didn't have a doula for our first birth and knew that we wanted the extra support of a doula for our second-- Carli was the perfect fit for us! She exceeded our expectations of what it would be like to work with a doula and helped make our birthing experience so much better than we ever thought it could be! If you're looking for a doula or even unsure if you should hire a doula, don't hesitate to hire Carli--words can't fully express how helpful and essential her support and knowledge was for us. Carli is personable, easy to work with, kind, understanding, AND incredibly knowledgeable about birth, women's health, babies, and more! She really is the perfect doula and we are definitely hiring her for our next birth!! -Aubrie

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Carli was a wonderful Doula. She helped us as we transitioned from Boston to Indiana right in the middle of my pregnancy, even helping me determine where I should receive my care. She was extremely honest, transparent and a wealth of knowledge when it came to the process of labor and delivery. I could also very clearly see that Carli is focused on helping her clients achieve THEIR goals, without judgement.


Because of Carli, I was able to make it through an extremely intense and unmedicated delivery. When our baby girl was finally born, my husband and I both looked at Carli and said "We couldn't have done this without you!"


I have known Carli since I was in middle school. She was a leader in my youth group at church, and we have stayed in contact through high school, college, marriage, and now kids. Carli was my doula for my first birth. She was such an amazing help. And having someone there that knew my background, struggles, beliefs, etc. was so amazing. Carli was such a huge support to not only me, but also my husband. She was able to answer any questions we had. I gave birth during the height of Covid-19, so only my husband and doula were allowed in the hospital. Carli was able to be the mother figure I needed during this experience. She was also able to keep my parents updated while I was in labor. If you ever need a doula, Carli is literally the best out there. -Emily

Carli is absolutely amazing.  I just can't say enough how much her presence meant to me during the birth process with my daughter Hailey.  I had an unexpected course of labor with 1 failed induction and nearly another failed induction over the course of 60hrs, and Carli was there almost the entire time.  She stayed with me when my husband had to go back home and take care of our pets and get some rest himself.  She was an advocate for me and what I wanted, and especially when what I wanted changed.  And when induction was doing absolutely nothing to move labor along, she played games with and got to know my family (a first for her I think, playing board games during a labor!)  She became a part of our family and I am so glad I chose her as my doula. -Kim


Our experience with Carli was great. Being from England I was new to the American medical system and Carli took the time to explain the process with me from the very beginning. She talked through the different hospitals in the area and introduced me to the birth centre where I evetualy had our son. Carli was proactive at keeping in touch throughout my pregnancy and letting us know she was there to help. We had a few meetings leading up to my due date where we planned the birth I wanted and Carli made sure she understood what I wanted her role to be. On the night of the birth she was able to help exactly how I needed her too, encouraging me to breathe methodically and provide encouragement when I needed it. Carli also provides a follow up visit after the birth to check how things are going and offer help and advice if needed. She's warm and friendly and very easy to get along with. I would highly recommend Carli! -Lizzy

Carli was amazing!!! She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. She really went above and beyond! We couldn’t have done a natural birth without her. She was great at being there to answer questions during my pregnancy, supporting me during labor, and being there for postpartum help and to answer nursing questions. She did a great job encouraging my husband to help support me when I was in labor and he wasn’t sure what to do to help. I highly recommend Carli!!!  -Kayla

When I first got pregnant, I was so nervous. My husband and I were planning everything, and it was expected, but I still felt so unprepared for everything. The second I met Carli, I knew she would be the perfect person to help us on our pregnancy journey. She is nurturing, patient, and willing to help answer any questions. I think the biggest thing for me was the confidence that she helped me build througout my pregnancy. Thanks to her guidance, when it was time to give birth, I felt empowered to make decisions and tell the hospital staff what I needed even before Carli arrived. As someone that has a hard time speaking up for myself, that was huge. I feel like Carli not only supported us during my pregnancy and birth, but helped us focus on what was important so that we were prepared to become parents when the hospital sent us home. I will always be grateful for the role she played in our journey to become first time parents and I hope we can have her help and guidance for any additional pregnancies in our future. -Tiffany

I am so happy that first, we chose to hire a doula for our birth, and second, that we chose Carli. We completed Hypnobabies training in preparation for our birth. Carli was well-versed in the specifics of hypnobabies, but was also able to draw on her knowledge of more "traditional" birth practices to support us both before and during the birth. It was particularly helpful when I wasn't able to stay fully in hypnosis and Carli was able to offer alternatives to help me get comfortable as I progressed. I joked when we hired her that I was really hiring her to be there for my husband--who had always planned to be and was very involved in the birth. I'm certain she was just as helpful to him as she was to me by being someone else in the room to share coaching duties with and to provide much needed breaks during the 9-ish hours I labored in the hospital. (They had different jobs, but it was a team effort!) Carli was also excellent at calmly keeping me on track with my birth plan when I was ready to throw it out and take some painkillers. This was my first birth and Carli was instrumental in making it an experience I ultimately remember as entirely positive. If I ever find myself planning to give birth to another baby, she will be my first call.- Kate


My experience with Carli was one of a kind. We met Carli when I was newly pregnant and I knew right away she would be able great person to have on our birth team. She made my husband and I feel at ease and confident from that first meeting. From the time we signed the contract I could text or call any time with questions or ideas for our birth plan. 

On the big day, I texted Carli at 6am and she came over shortly after. We spent the whole day laboring at home while preparing our dog's Halloween costume. It sounds silly, but what a blessing to spend the majority of my labor on the couch laughing with my husband and doula awaiting my son's arrival instead of rushing to the hospital and spending the day attached to machines and an IV. With Carli's knowledge we remained at home for 13 hours before arriving at the hospital at 4cm dilated. Time moved quickly after that, and Carli kept my husband and I calm while getting me through the transition period and pushing. She works well with the Obstetrician and does not step on their toes. With her by our side, I was able to have a completely natural, joyous birth that went at our own pace. 

I am grateful for Carli's knowledge and friendship every day and I can't imagine giving birth without her! -Mandy

Carli was an amazing addition to my birth team. This being my fourth baby, first natural birth I don't feel I could have had the birth I wanted without her. She encouraged me when I didn't want to get off the birthing ball, since it was the most comfortable place during my labor. She encouraged me to walk to get things progressing a little faster. She had amazing suggestions as to what was best for my comfort level during labor and when it came time to push. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend Carli as a doula. -Amanda


We are so grateful we found Carli to be a part of the birth of our first child. She took the lead during prep sessions to make sure we covered important matters but also took the time to listen to us and respect our knowledge and desires. She answers questions with valuable information as well as recommendations and lessons from her experiences. She was available and checked in regularly prepartum. During labor and delivery, she was present and offered very valuable suggestions. For the last stages, she stepped in as main support person so my husband could take a break (after being my coach for 15+ hours!) which made a world of difference. She was exactly what we both needed - comforting, encouraging and practical. Postpartum, she checked in regularly again and was there to answer questions and encourage us more. A few weeks after our baby was born, we found out I was not producing enough breast milk and Carli went above and beyond to connect us with a milk donor so we could keep our baby exclusively on breast milk. What a blessing! We would recommend Carli without hesitation to any pregnant couple. Thank you for everything! -Carmen

I knew I wanted a doula as soon as I found out I was pregnant. My husband wasn't as on board, but after our interview with Carli he agreed we should hire her.

As first time parents we had two main reasons for hiring a doula. One, we had no idea what we are doing and wanted someone there with birth experience who would remain calm and comforting. Two, we wanted to make sure we advocated for our birth plan and felt heard during the hospital birth. Carli exceeded our expectations for both.

My birth ended up with an unplanned c-section. However, even though it wasn't my plan, I felt heard during the process because Carli had taught me the tools to advocate for myself.

Having Carli there during the c-section was vital. She not only took some pictures I will cherish forever, but she soothed my husband's anxiety as the operation took place. It was also helpful because when my baby had to go to the NICU my husband could go with him. Carli was there with me making sure I was okay.

Not only is she a fantastic doula, but also a great lactation consultant. When my milk supply was low she helped me get it up. She offered choices for supplementing without making us feel judged. And she has wonderful resources for more help if you need it.

Other services I found helpful that Carli provided included birth plan outlines, prepping for birth, her knowledge of area hospitals, a birth timeline, and her overall soothing demeanor.

I will most definitely be hiring her again when I have a second child!