Giving Back: Local


Do you want to help make the difference in the lives of others?

Did you or your loved one LOVE having a doula and want to help another family, who couldn't otherwise afford it, have that same experience?

So many in our local Indianapolis community would love to have a doula at their birth, but just cannot afford it. These include single moms, low income families, families with a job loss, birth moms choosing adoption, teen moms... and the list goes on. 

Indiana's infant mortality rate is now the 7th highest in the country. Indiana's maternal mortality rate is 41.4 of 100,000 live births for white women and a shocking 53.4 of 100,000 live births for African American women. Having a doula can help! Check out this article to read more. Doulas can make a difference!

Here at Willow Tree Doula Services, we want to serve ALL kinds of moms, but we need your help! To be able to gift a pregnant mama with doula services, we need donations.  No amount is too small or too big. You can gift a smaller amount and we'll pool it with other funds until we have enough to cover a package OR you can gift a whole package to a deserving mama. We know you'll do what you can and we will honor that by giving the best care to the recipient of your gift. 

A little about how this got started: I had been thinking about how we could serve moms in need in our Indianapolis community and had been praying about how that might come about. I had some ideas but hadn't done much about it.

August 2020: during a postpartum visit a client was so happy with our services they asked how anyone who can't afford a doula could have these services... because they felt everyone should have a doula to help them through pregnancy and birth. I told them of my current (and future non-profit) hopes and plans and BOOM... they said they wanted to help. By the time I got home money had been sent to Willow Tree through Venmo not only by this family, but some of THEIR family members wanted to donate too. Amazing!

The next day I was able to use that money to pay off the fee of a mama in need. Boy was that awesome for all involved. What a difference this is going to make! 

I had another family that I served get an inheritance and send me a check for doula services. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, because just the day before I had been told about a Mom in need whose baby had a birth defect and she had no support. Because of my generous donors, I was able to offer her doula services. She has told me over and over what a difference it made for her. Let's keep helping these Moms. Let's make a difference on woman at a time. 

How YOU can help!

Now that we have a fund started....we would LOVE to partner with more people to serve families in need in our Indianapolis community. Would you be willing to help?  If you have any questions you can email and ask about Moms in need. 

If you want to help, you can send donations of any amount via Zelle or Paypal using Venmo is @willowtreedoulaservices If you are using Paypal, please use the "friends and family" option so that your donor receives the full amount of your gift and fees are not taken out. ​Please note "Moms in need" in the subject box.

      Thank you for partnering with us to make a               difference in Indianapolis!