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You're pregnant, now what?

You’ve been told birth is scary, excruciating, something completely out of your control.

You’ve been told it’s a medical condition instead of a natural biological process

You may have even been told you won’t be able to give birth without interventions like labor induction and pain medication.

But we’re here to tell you the truth about your childbirth.

You can do this.  

Hire a doula.... and then

Check out the Mama Natural Online Birth Course. 


❤️  See what's up w/ baby & you each week
❤️  Discover safe & natural remedies
❤️  Prepare for your best birth!

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Parents with Newborn Baby

What about once the baby is here?

Launched in 2020, this is the best way to learn how to parent a newborn with calm & confidence

  • Learn how to care for a newborn with calm & confidence. 

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive postpartum. 

  • Discover practical tips and insights from experts in baby care.

  • Connect with a dynamic group of new mothers just like you.                              

 Check out Mama Natural Online Baby Course

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