Birth Philosophy


My approach to birth is fairly simple. I believe that birth is an amazing, natural and beautiful process.

I believe in the ability of a woman to birth her baby wherever and however she is most comfortable...whether it is at home, a birthing center or a hospital.  

My job is to support YOU and your partner in whatever that looks like to YOU....whether it's natural birth, medicated or otherwise.

Your partner should be as active in your labor and birth as their comfort level allows, and I will support the both of you in that.

The mind-body connection during labor is an amazing tool at your disposal. I believe when a woman is in labor she should move around as much as she wants/needs, working with labor and not against it.

Sometimes birth happens quickly and sometimes it happens slowly, there is no "normal". 

I believe that prenatal preparations are important factors in an empowered, educated, happy birth and postpartum period, and that a women should be informed about her options and be encouraged to carry out our her choices.

My goal is that you have a satisfying and wonderful birth experience however YOU define it.

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